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American Girl 18-Inch
Doll Clothes Patterns

American Girl doll clothes patterns
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All of our patterns fit the American Girl Doll and similar cloth body 18-inch dolls. Some of the newer dolls have less stuffing in the body so our garments will fit them loosely.


Kaela Smocked Doll Dress Pattern

Helen Smocked Doll Dress Pattern

white batiste with pink floss


Kaela Dress Pattern by Sally Robertson - $5.95

Details and Picture of variations of the dress. The Kaela Dress has 3 views. The smocking features ribbons and a row of tiny flowers. The sleeves are either gathered and tied with a ribbon or finished with a band on the sleeve. The smocking can be an insert or not, your choice.

Pattern is available to download on Etsy

Smocked, beaded dress in pink batiste


Helen Dress Pattern by Sally Robertson - $5.95

Details and Picture of variations of the dress. The Helen Dress has row after row of beaded smocking. It is smocked in the front only and the back bodice comes down to the last row of smocking. The sleeves are embellished with organdy and satin striped ribbon.

Pattern is available to download on Etsy


Stella Smocked Doll Dress Pattern


Andrea Smocked Doll Dress Pattern

Red batiste


Stella Dress Pattern by Sally Robertson - $5.95

Details and Picture of variations of the dress. This elegant square-neck dress has smocked apples across the bodice. Baby Rick Rack peeks out from the hem and the edge of the sleeves. View 2 of the pattern has a contrasting color smocked band set in under the bodice.

Pattern is available to download on Etsy



Andrea Dress Pattern by Sally Robertson - $5.95

Details and Picture of variations of the dress. Sew this darling doll dress for that special smocked garment that will be cherished for a lifetime. The smocking pattern features pretty irises inside golden hexagons. The dress has tucks on the bodice and skirt. The pattern fits the American Girl® doll.

Pattern is available to download on Etsy

Copyright Issues:

Normally doll clothes pattern designers and are not willing to allow the people who purchase their patterns to make clothing from the designs and then sell the clothing. However, Joan Hinds, Jean Becker, and I (Sally Robertson) give you full permission to make as many items from our patterns as you want and sell as many of them as you can. In fact, we hope for your great success in this venture!

Free Sewing Pattern
For American Girl® Doll Clothes

free sewing pattern for doll clothing


Doll Dress Sewing Challenge

The website viewers and I (Sally) all worked together to create many versions of this free pattern. The variations made by each person are shown here along with the free pattern for you to print. Our viewers worked with dolls from different doll makers.

Click here for the free pattern and pictures of variations made by our viewers!



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